Landscape design

How do we create Landscaping?

It is important to create comfort not only inside the house, but also around it! In parks of a big city or your own suburban area! This becomes real thanks to the well-thought-out landscaping!


We carefully study the features and nuances of your territory, identify important areas of activity and recreation. We develop a plan for the improvement of the territory and draw up plant compositions. We will select for you the best materials for covering paths, grounds, etc. We will compose plant compositions so that they can delight you throughout the year! We will be happy to share our recommendations for plant care.


We provide you with a complete garden project, visualization, an assortment of used plant plants with the recommendations of their suppliers in Ukraine! With the help of landscape design and gardening, we can bring everything that is most beloved and beautiful in nature closer! We provide you with a complete project with all dimensions on the garden plan, drawings of recreation areas, visualizations, plant names and advice from their suppliers in Ukraine!



Become a Legend with Genza design.


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