Project of a country site

Categories:Landscape design

Released :2015

The plot is 39 acres, irregular shape with flat relief. Family of the customer includes several generations, so we had to take into account the different needs. The design of this garden plot includes several composite zones: front, zone of leisure and guest, several zones relaxing holiday, decorative garden. The functional areas are an interconnected system of garden paths made of artificial and natural stone.

Distribution territory - free, with a predominance of asymmetric and smooth forms. Along the paths seated evergreen plants and rockeries. At the request of the customer on the site there is a lake, a swing and a bench in the shade of trees. Recreation facilities like a swimming pool, sports court and sauna are closed distanced from each other .

A hedge gives a special comfort to this place. Also provided is a decorative garden, which passes under the pergola overgrown rose twine. Here is also a small garden.

Quite big place allocated to lawn that makes the feeling of spaciousness. There are a lot of colors on the plot. All the compositions made from plants with different flowering periods. Quite large variety of conifers will help to keep area decorative and will delight the home throughout the year.