Headlights design for new Mazda coupe

Categories:Product design

Released :2015

Exterior design - good looking functionality. The functionality of any car relates to the chassis, engine and other internal parts of the car, which is engaged in the development of engineers.

The aim of our project was to make the next version of Mazda coupe even more attractive to users. According to "Genza design", every detail of the car is no less important than a general look.

Head lights - the eyes of the car. Therefore, it was decided to work more exactly on this part of exterior. We carefully studied the values and goals of Mazda Motor Corporation, as well as the customers of similar brands. Leopards are graceful animals whose image inspire Mazda designers, based on that, we offered headlights of the new model, even more similar to the eyes of the feline. The design of the new headlights merge together the nature and the machine. During execution of sketches, we tried to find the best solution of design. Subsequently, we made this full design project.