Central panel in the interior of the new Changan car

Categories:Product design

Released :2015

The interior of the car, perhaps even more important than its exterior. A person may spend most of his life time inside a car, where he needs to feel comfortable and safe. One of the main factors ensuring these feelings are the variety of switches and buttons near the driver. Therefore the central panel is one of the most important parts of a car interior. Another area of our lives where people are increasingly inclined to the touch screen. Also the driver has to drive carefully keeping in mind that he is on the road and not in a computer game.

Our company has come to a simple solution - the use of two screens with different functions. The top screen will manage all important functions for the driver, such as the GPS navigational map, the technical condition of the car, the consumption of gasoline and others. The bottom screen contains additional features such as the audio player, weather, temperature in the cabin, etc. At the same time the designers had another important task - to keep the brand language of Changan Automobile Group, reviving it in modern technologies.

The project was developed in record time, includes research, sketches and final realistic appearance.