Furniture accessories "Bella Parte"

Categories:Product design

Released :2016

Initially, our product designer created a model of door handle "Bella Parte" in two colors for the contest "Maniglia Nuova". After the contest, however, we decided to create other additional elements of furniture accessories in the same style. And that is how the set of furniture accessories "Bella Parte" appeared.

Our designer explained what prompted him to the create such a design. Look closely, the door handle resembles a piece telescope or the car key. In fact, such a combination of the two pipes can be found in many important construction details. And what is the door handle as not a mandatory mechanical detail! However, on the way to the outer beauty, it has long ceased to be just a necessity. Hence the name of the project is "Bella Parte" ("beautiful detail" in Italian).

Thus, the entire set of furniture accessories is made in one style for use in a room in the same type of furniture. There are two colors - silver and gold.