Set of poufs "Tetris"

Categories:Product design

Released :2016

Upholstered furniture creates comfort and coziness at home. But how can we add more fun and variety to it? To answer this question, we turned to old, but still amusing game "Tetris." We decided to combine the new furniture line with one of the most popular game in the world.

We have chosen four standard shapes from the game and formed them as poufs. In addition, we have created a stand that can be put on any of the poufs, which will provide additional convenience for you. For example, you may put a cup of coffee on it, leave a book or a notebook there.

As a result, we offer four unusual poufs, differing in color and form. You choose on your own how to put  them together. You may create one broad plane near the wall or link them to the corner of the room... And you can change your decision whenever you want! Besides, you can choose your own color scale, as well as the amount of each of the figures when ordering.

"Tetris" poufs is fun, convenient and important solution for any home!