Stools "La plastic"

Categories:Product design

Released :2016

Once we received an order of a simple, modern and interesting design for a small chair, which could be used in different types of interiors. At the beginning there was the idea to combine plastic with wood, and then we decided that such a combination will show itself in the best way in the stools.

As Ukrainian design company, we have decided to carry out this project in the colors of our national shirt (known as Vyshyvanka) - red, black and white, as well as in the colors of Ukrainian flag - blue and yellow.

Seats are made of plastic - of black, white or yellow color - which is covered with nice mats knitted from thick thread - respectively, of white, red, and blue color. This element used for decoration as well as for softness, is handmade and made for special order.

Stools "La-plastic" would fit well for any interior thanks to the colors and the additional element - knitted handmade mats. These stools would perfectly complement as modern style apartment, as well as style of "country".