MoveLink - family scooter

Categories:Product design

Released :2014

The project was developed by order from «ВLM grop», Italy. To create this project, we teamed up with experienced and independent industrial designers from Milan. The goal was to make a project for «ВLM group», using their factory technologies.

We examined the target customers (inhabitants of Italy, Milan) and found that there is an intense problem for parents taking and picking their children from school. At least it's a problem for one of the parents. Children goes to school on foot with their parent, or sitting in the car.

The average age category of the product is from 5 to 8 years old. We decided to make the way to school and back more fun, but at the same time to give confidence to parents that their child is safe. In the course of these reflections, we came to the idea of a family scooter! It can be used by one person or two at the same time (presumably one adult and one child). If necessary, it can be easily folded and carried in arms. The project was completed within a month, and as a result - approved to prototype by company-client.